About us...

OMEGA HOLDINGS USA is a parent company of three subsidiary companies:

Better Fresh Technology, LLC                                            AquaFew USA, LLC 

Better Fresh Chill, LLC 

Omega Holdings and subsidiaries are biotech focused and have been providing water treatment systems for 18 years. Our focus is on sanitation and pathogen control for many uses; agriculture, commercial food processing, food service, government, hospitals, and many other applications/industries.

CEO and founder of Omega Holding USA, Carl Halterman states, "Our company's sole purpose is developing technology for industries, which is environmentally safe. Sustainable solutions and processes provided by our subsidiaries reduce the need for chemicals, lower maintenance, decrease labor costs, and enhance the customer product - 100% naturally."

Electrolyzed Aqueous Solutions Science and Technology 

Our equipment is:


  1. Designed especially for sanitizing food contact surfaces 
  2. Ideal for cleaning and sanitizing food manufacturing equipment. 
  3. Successfully used by hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other partners - with a goal to reduce industrial chemicals used for sterilization and cleaning purposes.


Our Mission -- Food Safety From Farm-to-Table

Our Values:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility - giving back
  • Developing partnerships with growers, food processors, equipment OEM's, and other industries to provide innovative sustainable solutions
  • Surpass the highest quality standards mandated by self or government regulation
  • Ongoing education and training of our employees, vendors, customers with a focus on enhancing and exceeding current quality control standards.
  • Enhance the ability to reduce and/or eliminate chemicals
  • Provide natures made way of safe pathogen control for what our customers need.
  • Sustainability – extending the life of our natural resources

Omega Holdings, our divisions, and the multiple partners involved in developing the next level technologies are driven by this statement: “Since the molecular structure of water is the essence of all life, the man who can control that structure in cellular systems will change the world.” (Albert Szentt-Gyorgi, Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry in 1937)